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NorthStar Counseling & Wellness, LLC is a trauma-informed group practice, providing mental health services, counseling, psychotherapy, and integrative wellness services for children, adults and families.

Individual Counseling

     Individuals are provided with guidance, support and education to identify problem-solving solutions to current or present situations. Individuals may want to set personal goals, better understand themselves, develop coping skills or change something in their life. The therapist and individual work together in a collaborative process to establish a relationship that promotes personal growth from a client-centered approach. Therapists will focus on specific situations or acknowledged behaviors, identified by the client, to address personal topics in life; like anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes.

Family Dispute
Family Therapy

Families may experience conflict, communication problems or tension when impacted by life changes, like divorce or separation, financial difficulties, conflict between parents and children, inter-generational trauma, crisis or the impact of substance abuse, addiction and mental illness. Family therapy can address family situations that cause stress, grief, anger, anxiety, sadness or conflict. Counseling brings members of a family together, in a non-judgmental environment, to process through issues. The therapist will support the family is using interventions that increase communication, address conflict, identify relationship patterns, build family strengths and develop healthy solutions, while allowing each family member to have their own voice during the process of therapy.

Kindergarten Guide
Child Therapy

Children sometimes express themselves differently than adults. A child may experience difficulties communicating their wants or needs, explaining their emotions or have not yet developed the skills to manage their feelings. A child may appear to be “acting out”, when really, they are trying to tell you how they are feeling. Children may be acting out their feelings and emotions by having temper tantrums, changes in mood, trouble sleeping, anxiety issues, disruption behaviors, difficulties focusing, separation problems, emotional dysregulation or problems with social skills. A child may demonstrate changes in their behavior, mood or personality at school, at home or in their community. A child therapist specializes in working with children, understanding that children have different developmental needs and skills appropriate for their age. A child therapist will work with the parent, caregiver, and/or family in addressing identified challenges and behavioral needs, as well as exploring possible contributing factors like adjusting to life changes, grief, divorce, bullying, anxiety, going to a new school or problems with social skills. A child therapist will adapt and model the type of therapy and therapy techniques to the identified needs of your child, as well as specific issues or problems. 

Thinking Man on Couch
Individual Psychotherapy

     Individuals are provided support to address any personal life challenges, issues or problems; it is a process where individuals explore their personal feelings, behaviors, beliefs and experiences. Individuals may want to resolve significant difficulties impacting relationships, address chronic medical conditions, develop coping skills or have ongoing concerns in relation to a specific mental health condition. The therapist and individual work together in a collaborative process to establish a relationship that promotes personal growth using a therapeutic-alliance based on trust.

Couples Counseling

Relationships are hard and they can be complex; problems within relationships may feel to be more apparent when transitions and additional stress occur. Individuals in a relationship, like couples, may need counseling due to unhealthy relationship patterns, unresolved resentment, recent conflict or strains on the emotional bound between partners. Couples may also seek counseling or therapy services to address problems and explore issues before the problems cause significant stress in the relationship, such a finances, parenting, medical or health issues, infertility, addiction, family conflict or emotional distance. The therapist will help the partners in the relationship gain insight into the dynamics of the relationship and identify dysfunctional roles to begin the change of behaviors in the relationship. Relationship Counseling or Couples Therapy is designed to address a variety of relationship issues with the intent to provide each partner with increased insight to relationship dynamics or patterns, improved problem-skills, effective communication skills, identifying healthy roles or expectations, resolving ongoing conflict and improving relationship satisfaction.

Group Discussion
Group Therapy

These types of groups are designed to provide support to each group member, within a group setting, that is experiencing stressors related to a specific issue. Group therapy allows for individuals to find support within a support network, with group members who may have similar experiences or stressors. The group may also involve specific therapeutic interventions and techniques with the intent to support each group participant to grow individually and with the group as a whole. This type of group provide support, allows participants to identify healthy effective coping techniques, normalizes and validates emotions and feelings. 

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